2017 Undefeated Junior Pee Wee SDPW Champions

2015 JR Midget D-3 Champions

2018 12U Cheer SDYFC Locals Champions 1st Place & Division champions

2015 Mitey Mite UNDEFEATED 12-0 Champions

2021 14u Cheer SDYFC Locals,1st Place

2019 14u Cheer SDYFC Locals, Regionals 1st Place and Grand Champions

2012 Pee Wee Cheer SDPW Champions

2021 Division 2 Q Bowl Champions 9U (Picture unavail.)

2012 Mitey Mite-Black UNDEFEATED 10-0 Champions

2015 Midget Cheer SDPW Champions, 4th place Jamz Nationals

*2005 JR Pee Wee Champions (no picture available)

2016 JR Midget SDPW Cheer Champions, Regional Champions, 5th place Nationals

UNDEFEATED 2021 10u Cheer SDYFC Locals, JAMZ BID, JAMZ Nationals, 1st Place and Grand Champion

2013 JR Midget Cheer SDPW Champions

2016 Mitey Mite UNDEFEATED 10-0 Champions

2017 Undefeated Junior Varsity SDPW Champions

2014 Midget Cheer SDPW Champions, 2nd place Wescon

2020 13U AYF Nationals 3rd place 

*2015 Pee Wee Cheer SDPW Local/Regional Champions (Picture unavail.)

2019 10u Cheer SDYFC Locals, Regionals 1st Place and Grand Champions

2011 Midget Cheer SDPW Champions

2021 8U JAMZ Nationals, 1st Place

2021 Division 2 Q Bowl Champions 10U

2016 JR Varsity D-3 Champions

2019 12U Super Q-Bowl Champions

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We celebrate our past and present Cougar Accomplishments