Our organization will make every effort to ensure that every child gets the opportunity to play football or cheer, regardless of prior experience, atheletic ability or size. Our mission is to enable our youth to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through these activities, we hope to teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that our youths will use throughout their lives.



President - Chomedy Curry  president@tierrasantacougars.com

Vice President - Corey DeMara   vicepresident@tierrasantacougars.com 

Treasurer - Barbara Lockett   treasurer@tierrasantacougars.com

Secretary - Alex DeMara  secretary@tierrasantacougars.com

Football Director - Tejuan Lockett   football@tierrasantacougars.com

Asst. Football Director - Joe Malijan   asstfootball@tierrasantacougars.com

Cheer Director - Stacy Barcus   cheer@tierrasantacougars.com

Asst. Cheer Director - Melissa Hubbard   asstcheer@tierrasantacougars.com

Football Certification Director - Ashlee Wells   footballcert@tierrasantacougars.com

Asst. Certification Director - Esther Malijan


Cheer Certification Director -  Heather Hancock    cheercert@tierrasantacougars.com 

‚Äč Fundraising/Sponsorship - Thomas Henderson  fundraising@tierrasantacougars.com 

Members at Large - Marqus Hancock